Brown Eyed Girls 13th Anniversary post: An introduction. (media heavy)

A post for new kpop fans or anyone who are interested.
Recommended if you enjoy R&B, unapologetic women and strong vocals.
Get your headphones ready to appreciate music better.

(click this image for a short intro so you know what to expect from this post- BEG IS COMING!)

Brown Eyed Girls are a four member group that debuted on March 2nd, 2006 with the song Come Closer. When they debuted, they did so as a vocal group, entering the idol industry only a year later. Their discography is arguably one of the best in kpop. Currently the only girl group who had no changes in members and have been together for this long.
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Any other fans in this comm, post your fave songs in the comments to educate the peasants!
also sorry if the post is awkard, I know nothing about formatting.
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Introduction to Dreamcatcher.

They've been twice on After School Club, so you can check those! Here's the first one and second one.
You can also check these shows: Idol League, Fact in Star, Idol Master
Funny videos: Them being exra, Gay shit Dreamcatcher says, A memeful intro to DC. They also have a diary/vlog thingy that they release on their official youtube channel, you can find them subbed in this channel, they are all really funny and nice to watch since it shows behind the scenes stuff and just them touring, etc. There's lots of subs songs there.

For recs of songs:
Full Moon (this is a fan song, they released it after their first overseas tour- aka their Brazil tour.)
You and I live and MV
It's Okay (this song always makes me cry, helps me a lot when feeling bad)
Alone In The City (this mini is their most versatile one but tbh I'd recommend listening to all their minis)

They also have a lot of special clips and covers in their youtube channel, I RECOMMEND ALL OF THEM TOO, but some of my faves:
There's Nothing Holding Me Back
Mayday (performance with a live band made from InSomnias aka their fans.)
Havana (coreographed by SuA, their main dancer.)
Faded (cover by their main vocal, Siyeon)
Secret Love Song (cover by their other amazing vocal, Yoohyeon)

And there's so much more, really. I hope you like these! I would also suggest other covers like Really Really and Lucky Strike. Their special clip of Sleepwalking.


Happy 29th Birthday: Gain's Solo Videography! (MEDIA HEAVY)

To celebrate Gain's 29th birthday, I decided to make this little post and go through some of her videography.

As you all might've known, Gain had a rough past when she debuted with Brown Eyed Girls, but grew up to be an excellent artist.

Let's just remind ourselves why she won the title of Omona's Queen.

Here's a brief introduction to Gain in BEG's history and as a solo.
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Happy 29th birthday to my dearest, Son Gain.

10 years with Brown Eyed Girls! (media heavy)

After more than 3 years of training in singing and holding several small size concerts, the Brown Eyed Girls released their debut album Your Story in South Korea in March 2, 2006, with the ballad track, "Come Closer" as their single.

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Happy 10th anniversary to my queens!!! ;A;

sorry this post is a little lame and boring 'cause I'm lazy and tired ;_;

「Fanaccount/+2700 words」INKT M&G and Concert @ Anime Friends 2015 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

WARNING: Long fanaccount. It's a total of more than 2700 words, 4 pages in Word. I appreciate you reading it and I hope it's enjoyable! Any questions are welcomed and comments too. P/S: Sorry for all the typos!

(you can see me right next to Kei's neck/head on the left, with a red piece of my flag.)
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