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Fill The Emptiness - Prologue

Title: Fill the emptiness
Pairing: Onew/Key, Jonghyun/Minho
Genre: au, fluff, angst
Rating: PG
Sumary: College student Kibum day dreams about an event of the past.

It was a nice afternoon at Seoul’s Elementary School, where kids were running all through the backyard, enjoying their recess.

There was an 8 year old boy making a small sand castle while three older boys were looking at him and started walking towards the sand box.

“Yah you pink shirt boy, what do you think you’re doing in my sand box?” said one of the boys.

“Your sand box? I never saw your name written on it” said the pink shirt boy.

“Aish! Do you think little boys who wear pink like you are allowed to play here? Go away!” yelled another of the boys while he stepped on the sand castle that was built with much care by the 8 year old boy.

The small boy was surprised at what the older boy did and his eyes started to get teary at the sight of his sand castle being totally destroyed.

“I can’t believe this school allowed gay boys like you to be here, who wears pink anyway? You are pathetic” was the last thing the boys said before going away.

Suddenly another boy came running towards the sand box an asked “Hey, I just saw how my classmates were acting towards you, I’m so sorry they did this”. The pink shirt boy didn’t bother to look at who was talking to him and just stared at the place where his sand castle was before.

The older boy was worried since he didn’t get any response from the other “Are you ok?” he asked.  The little boy just nodded before looking up. His eyes grew big at the sight he had in front. It was a boy who looked as a baby with his chubby cheeks and squinted eyes. He didn’t understand why but his heart started beating faster when the older boy smiled at him. “I’m glad you are ok. My name is Onew, what’s yours?” The other boy couldn’t say anything because he was still confused as to why his heart was beating so fast.

Before he could say anything the bell that indicated recess was over was heard loudly throughout the backyard. “Oh it’s time to go back. Don’t worry anymore, I’ll tell my classmates to not bother you again ok? Take care” said Onew as he ruffled the little boy’s hair which made the latter’s face turned into a red tomato color.

“My name is Kibum…” mumbled the little pink shirt boy sulking all the way back to class. He wondered why he wasn’t able to say those words at that time.

Two weeks later

Kibum was secretly watching Onew from far these two weeks. Sometimes their eyes would meet and Kibum would look away as his cheeks turned pink. He was too young to know what was happening with him. He thought about Onew almost every day. He was too timid to approach to him and talk. Kibum also was mad at Onew because the latter never came to him after the incident in the sand box. He realized the older boys who bullied him that day didn’t molest him again; maybe Onew did talk to them after all. Kibum smiled to himself knowing that he did that for him.

One day Kibum decided to try and talk to Onew again, but before he knew what he was doing he stumped towards the older boy and gave him an innocent chaste kiss on the elder’s lips. A second later he found himself being pushed by Onew. He fell to the ground with a loud thump and everyone started to laugh at them. When he looked up, he saw Onew running away from him. Since that day he never saw him again.

Years later

“Yah Kibum, are you even listening to me? Why are you always day dreaming when I’m talking to you!!” said a furious dino as he was feeling ignored by his best friend.

“Shut up Jjong! It’s too early to hear your rawring dinosaur voice” shot back Kibum as he was once again interrupted of his flashbacks.

Jonghyun was looking at him with those obnoxious puppy eyes again. “Fine fine, what were you saying?”.

“Minho called me and said he wanted to talk about something! Maybe now that I started my second year on college and he’s on his junior year, he will ask me to marry him! Oh my god, can you imagine that?” said an excited Jonghyun.

“Jesus Jjong you sound like such a high school girl in love, would you please chill! How can you be so energized at such an early hour? And don’t be in such a rush! Both of you are so young; do you really think he will ask to marry you just like that? Its Minho we’re talking about” said the annoyed diva. How he wishes he could enjoy the company of a partner like his best friend. 

“Maybe you are right. I’m thinking too much. I’m just so happy because our relationship can’t be any better. Oh there he is! Minho-yah!”

Oh great he leaves me alone again. He cursed at the running puppy dino.

He never found a sight of Jonghyun that day at the university campus. After the classes ended he went directly to the dorm he shared with his best friend.

“I’m home! Yah Jjong I never saw you again at the campus!” only the silence answers him. “Yah dino, are you here?” he starts to panic as he hears silent sobs coming from his best friend’s room.

When Kibum opens the door he founds a total depressed Jonghyun sprawled on the bed, head buried in his pillows.

“Dear god, what happened?” said Kibum sitting on the edge of the bed. Jonghyun slowly stands on a sitting position in his bed. Staring at the floor and with a husky voice because of the crying he said “He broke up with me… Minho… broke up with me…”

Kibum couldn’t believe what he heard. From all the things he thought Minho would want to tell Jonghyun today, this was the last thing he ever imagined he would say. “I’m so sorry Jjong…” was all he could say for now, while he hugged his devastated best friend through the night. He never saw Jonghyun cry so hard like that day.

A/N: ok so here's the prologue :3 it's shorter than what I wanted to write but hopefully good enough for y'all XD It was so hard to write the broken jongho part ;___; I'm sorry jjong! Oh I was checking my guests and saw many people were checking my  journal but most of you didn't leave comments. YAH LURKERS MUST DIE. Comment ok? Not because I want comments but because your opinions and suggestions are always good! especially for a new writer like me, so help me out ok? and thank you to everyone who does comment!

Tags: !fanfic, !fill the emptiness, pairing: jongho, pairing: onkey, rating: pg

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