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Fill The Emptiness - Chapter One。

Title: Fill the emptiness
Pairing: Onew/Key, Jonghyun/Minho, Minho/Taemin
Genre: au, fluff, angst
Rating: PG
Sumary: It's like the first day of school all over again.
Yes, I suck at summaries indeed.


Jinki’s POV

Oh my favorite day of the year has come. I think to myself as I smile to my reflection in the mirror.

I was fixing my tie, getting ready for today, the day college started and this time I wasn’t going as a student but a professor. My dad was a professor for Medicine students in Seoul University for 20 years. He has a well respected reputation here, so getting here as a professor myself wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would.

Nevertheless I am nervous as a freshmen student. I feel like a piece of fresh meat being thrown to the sharks to be honest, but I’m determined to be the best for my future students.

As soon as I walked through the campus I felt more like a student rather than a professor. It is my first time teaching after all.

“Jinki oppa!!” I hear someone call me. Oh it’s Luna. She’s the daughter of my mom’s best friend. She’s like the sister I never had, though Taemin is not far from that position. I chuckled at that thought. My dongsaeng can be mistaken as a girl sometimes. Somehow I have the feeling someone has influenced him to be honest.

Soon my thoughts are interrupted by the blonde girl in front of me. “Oppa are you day dreaming again?” she asks. I just smile at her “Yes, but it doesn’t matter. How has the day been for you so far?” Even though she is a good friend of mine she can be really clingy. “Good! You know what? My first class today is yours! Isn’t that awesome?” she hugs my arm while saying so. See what I mean? She’s too clingy or maybe I’m just generally awkward.

“Uh is that so? Then I hope you study hard for my class!”

“I will oppa! I won’t disappoint you!”

Oh my god, did she just wink at me? I swear she must have a crush on me or something. But how should I know, I never had one before. Is this how people act towards the person they like? Is this what they call flirting?

“Luna, I have to go to the professor’s lounge ok? See you in class!” I say as I hurriedly walk to meet the other professors before the bell rings.

Kibum’s POV

"...♬♪ 빠 빠 빠 빠 빠져 버린 걸.. 헤 헤 헤 헤 헤어날 수 없게 ♬♪.."

I groggily open my eyes as I heard the incoming call on my phone... Dammit this dino is always changing my ringtone.

“Yah Jonghyun! How many times did I told you to not change my ringtone?!”

“Jesus woman! Are you with PMS again?! And Chocolat’s Syndrome is awesome! You have to be grateful I updated your ringtone!!”

“Whatever.. why are you calling me anyway? What time--- OH MY GOD! It’s already 7:45am?! DAMN IT JONGHYUN WHY DIDN’T U WAKE ME UP!!”

“Dude believe me I tried. But then I was afraid of dying so yeah.. I stopped trying when you started to hit me… By the way how did you know it was me calling? I doubt you even checked the caller ID before answering---”

“I have a special radar for short dinosaurs…HOW DARE YOU LEAVE WITHOUT ME, I SWEAR I’M---“

“HEY! WHAT DID YOU--- Ugh whatever, just get going! Class is starting soon so yeah.. BYE!”

That fucker hung up on me again. Aish someone tell me why am I friends with him please?

Before bothering on cursing at Jonghyun again I just rushed on getting prepared and did my best to look decent in 5 minutes.

It was 7:59 when I got out from the house. Oh great, I’m going to be really late in my first day of third year in college. What class do I have first anyway? I read my schedule and scowl at the subject written on it. Biology. Oh how fun.

Narrator’s POV

Meanwhile at the college campus the bell was ringing, stating the start of classes.

“Oh great the bastard’s gonna be late and I will be the one at fault” scoffed the frustrated dino.

Jinki’s POV

Breathe Jinki. Breathe. I think as the students were already gathering inside the room. The bell rang a minute ago and it was time to start class.

“Attention class. Please everyone get in your sits”

I can hear the scowls and grunting coming from the people in the room. It brought old memories back. It’s not the time to day dream Jinki.
Ok here goes nothing.

“Welcome to the class of Biology. My name is Lee Jinki; you can call me Prof. Lee. I am 27 years old and just graduated last year in this university too. It’s nice to meet you everyone; I hope this year will be great for all of us”

Ok that wasn’t that bad. I sighed deep before continuing.

“I will be calling attendance now”

“Bang Chul Yong...”

“Here! Uh just call me Mir, Professor Lee!”

Well at least that kid doesn’t seem too depressed to be here... but what kind of nickname is Mir anyway....

“Choi Minhee”


Ok so this girl doesn’t sound as excited as the one before.

“Kim Kibum”


“Kim Kibum?”

“He’s not here Professor Lee” said that Mir kid.

“Oh Ok” well tardiness is something I won’t tolerate; this kid will later receive punishment.

“Ok moving on…. Uh Park Sunyoung?”


Of course she is….

Kibum’s POV

Fuck my life. I curse at myself as I arrive at the campus ten minutes after the bell rang. At least no one’s here to see me getting late and pull pranks on me. At least that’s something positive.

“Ah room 3A where are you?” I say while looking for the Biology classroom.

After walking for a few minutes I found the room. I check my phone before going inside.


Well shit I’m doomed.

Narrator’s POV

Inside the room 3A, the creek of a door opening was heard. As people usually do, everyone turned their heads to see who just entered.
All Kibum could do is roll his eyes at the reaction of his classmates.

“Ah, so you must be Kim Kibum, am I right?” said Prof. Lee.

Shit. Cursed Kibum to himself.

“Ah yes, sorry I was late” Kibum said with the best smile he could give trying to avoid his professor’s eyes.

“Please stay a little longer after class ends” was all Prof. Lee said before continuing on the lecture he was giving.

Meanwhile Kibum groaned in frustration in his seat.

What a great way to start the year. Thought an annoyed diva.

Kibum’s POV

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


Oh my god, finally the bell! 
What was I thinking when I signed up for this class? Ugh it’s too late to go back anyway.

“Yo Key, let’s go to the canteen and grab something to eat!”

I smiled at Mir’s word but then remembered I had to stay behind.

“Ugh I would but the Professor here wants to talk to me. Jesus I was only a few minutes late!”

“More like 15 minutes late Key…”

“Whatever… See you later ok?”

I was pouting as I saw everyone going out the classroom. I could hear Prof. Lee faking a cough to try and get my attention.
“Kibum could you please come forward…”

As I came closer I could actually have a good look of this teacher. Is he even old enough to teach? Those chubby cheeks and smile makes him look so childish. Actually he looks somewhat familiar----

“Kibum, are you listening to me?”

“Ah sorry, could you please repeat what you were saying?”

“You should actually listen to people when they are talking to you. Ok, let me get to the point. I don’t really like when someone is late to class, or anywhere for that matter. I find it really rude. It’s just the first day; I hope it doesn’t become a habit.”

“It won’t. I’m sorry” He doesn’t look so angry. I was already expecting a much larger speech. I really think he looks familiar but----

“You won’t get away so easily though”

Well shit, maybe he is a little bit angrier than I thought.

“At the end of your last class please meet me at this room again”

“What?! I have to stay after classes already ended?! Are you even allowed to do that?!”

Is he some kind of perv? Nerds are pervs after all!

“What are you even thinking? Look. Just stay ok. This will be your punishment, so hopefully this won’t happen again. I have a little assignment for you”

I just crossed my arms and roll my eyes at him.

“Since you’re getting too impatient, you can leave now”

I took my stuff and just stormed out of the room.

Is it really awful to be late?! Jesus!

Jonghyun’s POV

A N G R Y   D I V A   A L A R M

Oh I sense a totally angry Kibum walking outside the building.

“Ah sorry ladies, this puppy has to do something, I’ll be back ok?” I say before walking away from my pretty classmates.

Hm it feels awesome to be so good looking and having all these women around me.
Haha I’m so cool.

Kibum spots me running to him and he looks at me with an assassin’s stare.

“Ok if you’re going to kill me just do it now and fast. No pain please”

“I have worst things to complain about but after all IT IS your fault so I might as well just do so” I skip the hand that was about to hit my arm.

“Wow wow Kibum can you just calm down. How was your first class huh”

“Well good, if you don’t count the freaking fact that the stupid dubu in there wants me to stay after classes end to do some assignment as a punishment of getting late!!”

“Wait. What? Dubu? Who’s Dubu? Oh my god did you buy tofu and didn’t invite me?!”

“What. No.. Dubu is the teacher. Are you retarded? That’s my nickname for him. He looks like tofu. Anyway the point is I have to stay longer in here, and it’s your fault!!”


oh do I hear my name being called by some angel?

I look behind me and find one of my classmates.

“Oh sorry Kibum, this beautiful lady is calling me. I have classes. See you later ok?”

Teehee time to get some.

Kibum’s POV

Ok and he leaves me alone again. This player kind of character he’s pulling off needs to stop, it doesn’t suit him. I should have a serious conversation with him later.

I was about to turn around and just get to the next class before I see a well-known red head between the crowd.

What is he doing here anyway?

I walk to him and hug him from behind. He turns around and looks surprised but happy to see me.

“Umma! Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” asks my baby.

“Class doesn’t start for another 5 minutes… But Taemin what are you doing here? The Music building is on the back right?”

“Ah yes right. I just came here to visit my brother. He forgot his precious chicken at home, so my mom told me to bring it to him”

Oh I totally forgot Taemin had an older brother, what was his name anyway? Lee Junsu? Junki? I have yet to meet this boy’s family.

“Ah yes you told me once you had an older brother. He studies in this University too? What is he majoring in? What was his name again?”

“Actually he----“

“Yo Key! What are you doing? Do you want to be late again? Come on!!” I was being pulled to the building by Mir.

“Aghh wait... Ugh... Sorry Taemin, talk to you later, TAKE CARE!” I had to scream the last part since I was already far from my baby.

I can’t afford to be late again, if Mir didn’t saw me I would probably have more professors hate me. It’s already enough to have to stay longer at college on the first day.

Jinki’s POV
As soon as I finished erasing the board, I hear a knock on the door.

“Come in” I say as I look towards the door. As the door opens I sniff the sweet smell of my beloved chicken.

Oh yes just in time.

“Hyuuuung. You forgot your lunch at home!” said my younger brother as he entered the room.

“I did. How could I do such a crime as leaving my chicken behind? God please forgive me” I say as I hug the lunch box Taemin handed to me.

“How was your first day kiddo” I asked as I ruffled his hair.

“Yah I’m not a kid anymore hyung. It’s been fine… What about you? How is life as a Professor going on so far?”

“You’ll always be my little brother. And it was good except for the fact that I had a student coming really late and interrupting my class because of it. I already have a little punishment for him”

“Aww hyung don’t be too hard on him. It’s just the first day!”

“Exactly, it’s the first day. He mustn’t get used to it! And you know tardiness is something I don’t appreciate Taeminnie” I say with a pout.

“And you are calling me a kid, just look at yourself. You even look younger than me” he said laughing.

“Don’t mock your hyung”

“Sorry Jinki hyung. Anyway I have to go now, my next class starts in a few”

“Oh yes go! Don’t be late! Good luck!” I yelled as he rushed out of the room.

Now is the precious time I share with my dear companion for 27 years.

I think to myself as I find a place to eat at the canteen in the professor’s area.

Minho’s POV

I started to work in my dad’s law firm a year ago. I would be there from 7am until 1pm. Though I wasn’t really excited about being a Lawyer, I couldn’t complain either.

I glance at the clock on the wall in my personal office. One more hour before class starts. This year I start my senior year, which means I have to try even harder to be the best student. There’s so much competition and I can’t be left behind.

“Minho, your dad wants to talk to you” said Krystal, one of my dad’s assistant.

“Ok, I’ll just put everything in order here and I’ll be there”

He’s probably going to give me a speech like every first day of college.

A few mintues later.

“Minho-yah what took you so long?” said my father.

“Sorry, I was just ordering some papers in the office before I had to go to the University campus”

“Ah, that’s good. Anyway, this is your last year Minho you know what to do”

“Yes dad, I promise I will do my best”

“Yes you do that. I hope you won’t disappoint me like the last time ok? If I found out you’re back with that low life Jonghyun kid or you get some new boyfriend, I will disown you. I won’t hesitate this time, and your mom won’t have a word on this. This family can’t live with such a disgrace! So please, take care of your image and the family’s image”

Hearing him talk like that of Jonghyun really pisses me off. It’s been already a year since I broke up with him against my will. My dad would threaten me about disowning me and making Jonghyun’s life go down the drain, and I just couldn’t let that happen. I really loved him. Since a few months ago we started talking again. But we know that we won’t be anything more than friends. Not only because of my father’s threatening but because our feelings have changed. I still care about him though, I will always do.

“Minho, did you listened to what I said?”

“Yes sir. I will be going to college now”

“Ok. Bye and Good luck son”

I got out of the room with my eyes staring at the floor.

As Jonghyun would say… This is not the reality I wanted.

Thirty minutes later.

I get out of my black BMW Z4 and walk towards the Law building. There were so many people in the front yard. I guess most of them must be freshmen. You could see people in suits and people in casual but elegant clothes getting out of the building next to ours.

Oh Music students.

There was one particular red head that really caught my attention. His face, especially his smile, looks really familiar.
No matter how much I tried to remember who he reminded me of, I couldn’t figure it out.

The bell interrupts my train of thoughts. Oh well it doesn’t matter. I just shrug and go inside the building.

One more year until graduation.

Kibum’s POV

The last bell finally rings, which means freedom for everyone… Except me, of course. That damn professor really is getting on my nerves. How dare he make me stay here?!

I say bye to all of my classmates and walk towards the Biology room.

I really hope he doesn’t keep me too long here. It’s the freaking first day!

I try to ease my nerves before going inside the room.
As soon as I open the door I hear him say in such a calm voice.

“Come and sit Kibum”

After debating if I should sit in the far end or just in front of him, I decide to sit in a place in the middle of the room.

Not so far yet not so close.

“I am glad you didn’t ditch me or we would’ve had a problem”

Ditch him? Is this some kind of date?

I scoff at his words and just sit there with my arms crossed and staring him with a frown.

What is he smiling and laughing at? It’s annoying… and kind of contagious.

“Hahaha... So impatient again. Those feline eyes don’t scare me Kibum”

Rolling my eyes I speak “Fine. So what is it that I have to do?”

I see him take an A4 blank paper and hand it to me.

“An essay of the plant kingdom” he said with a smirk.

Oh my god, not the plant kingdom that’s just awful. I scrunch my nose in disgust. “Are you serious? It’s the first day of class! How would I know about that?”

“Oh I’m sure you do. I saw you scrunching your nose. That means you totally know what I’m talking about” he said with that sickening smile of his.

Damn it. He’s no fool is he?

I sigh as I see him lean on his personal table, crossing his arms and looking at me. He looks kind of sexy like that. Wait What? He’s a total nerd! Sexy doesn’t exist in his dictionary.

“Go on, you can do this”

But I don’t want to.

I just resign to fight over this and stare blankly at the paper. I don’t really know what to write, I can’t remember anything about it! I just know that the whole plant kingdom is disgusting. So I just sat there for a few minutes, paper totally in blank.

“Yeah ok, I can’t do this”

With a loud sigh he says “Ok then…”

I see him coming to where I am as he sits on the empty seat beside me. Suddenly he comes really close. What is he doing?

“So tell me… Why are you in my class if you are an Art student?” I swear I could feel his warm breath on my neck, sending involuntary shivers down my spine.

“Uh… I… Because….” Damn it, why can’t I think straight when he’s so close to me? And the way he’s looking at me makes it even harder.

Jesus, what have I gotten myself into?

A/N: Ah yes, this is the first chapter! As I promised is longer than the prologue xDD it's 3 times longer lmao... I also added some images, which I'll be doing in the following chaps too probably, to give it more "imagery" and you can imagine how they are dressed haha Idek.
I was checking my guests and there's like +100 people reading this o___o wow. Thank you lurkers. HAHA And even more thank yous for the one's who do comment, I really appreciate it ♥

ps: I'm preparing some angsty and fluffy one shots. (2min, jongho, onkey and onho)

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  • Fill The Emptiness - Chapter Two。

    Title: Fill the emptiness Pairing: Onew/Key, Jonghyun/Minho, Minho/Taemin Genre: au, fluff, angst Rating: PG-13 Wordcount: 2486 Sumary: falling…

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