Lintu (belintuchiha) wrote,

10 years with Brown Eyed Girls! (media heavy)

After more than 3 years of training in singing and holding several small size concerts, the Brown Eyed Girls released their debut album Your Story in South Korea in March 2, 2006, with the ballad track, "Come Closer" as their single.

Their first win in a music show happened with L.O.V.E. in February 22, 2008.

And today, they celebrated their 10th anniversary with the fans through the V app.
You can watch it here with english subs.

Pictures of the event:

Last but not least, one of my favorite videos with a compilation of some of their best performances.

Source: MJ KIM thebeg0302 BEG's Vapp jeaworld 1 2 miryoakajohoney narsha81 songain87 1 2 3 DareDB
Happy 10th anniversary to my queens!!! ;A;

sorry this post is a little lame and boring 'cause I'm lazy and tired ;_;

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