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Happy 29th Birthday: Gain's Solo Videography! (MEDIA HEAVY)

To celebrate Gain's 29th birthday, I decided to make this little post and go through some of her videography.

As you all might've known, Gain had a rough past when she debuted with Brown Eyed Girls, but grew up to be an excellent artist.

Let's just remind ourselves why she won the title of Omona's Queen.

Here's a brief introduction to Gain in BEG's history and as a solo.
She debuted as a solo artist in 2010 with her mini album Step 2/4 (one of my favorites of all time)
and title Irreversible.

Her next mini album, Talk About S, was released in  2012 with single Bloom, an iconic song
talking about women's first sexual experience.

With also amazing b-side, Tinkerbell

In 2013, she released a duet mini album called Romantic Spring, featuring Hyungwoo and the song Brunch.

And despite the song not being a favorite, the concept for her next comeback was on point and unique as she returned in 2014
with mini album Truth or Dare. (Watching the mv, all the things people talked about were actual rumors this Queen had)

Let's not forget Fxxk U, a video with a strong message.

In 2015, she made a big impact returning with the song Paradise Lost from her album Hawwah, meaning Eve in Hebrew.

With the playful b-side, Apple.

And last but not least, she made her comeback in 2016 with another deep message with the song Carnival (The Last Day)
from her newest album, End Again, where she debuted as a lyricist.

The song's prequel was Carrie, another certified bop.

Many people think she's not a good singer but I beg to differ.
Next, I would like to introduce some of my favorite performances of Gain.

19 year old Gain @ Battle Shinhwa before debuting with BEG.

The Blower's Daughter cover with Hyungwoo

I still do not know.

Baby G @ I'm Smiling recording

The Gaze @ Sketchbook

Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream

BONUS: Pole dance lessons from Gain.

And lastly, I want to share one of my favorite quotes from her:

"Every woman has her own version of sexy…. It’s just my image. It’s not like I’m trying to wear something short and seduce someone. I just wear it because I want to. I don’t really care about what others think. It just happened like that. If it really bothers someone, they should buy me clothes."

“They ask me a lot about the definition of sexy, but I don’t understand why the word sexy has to be bad.”

"Most concepts I’ve done are not easy to express and pull off. Sometimes, it causes controversy and gets hit with an age restriction. I think this is my personal color, so, I think I don’t worry that much."

"I'm a perfectionist, and if I changed that, people around me would feel that it would no longer be me anymore."

To finish, JeA about BEG:

Q: Not as member JeA, who’s spent 10 years with the members, but as Kim Hyojin, how is Brown Eyed Girls in your eyes?

In some ways, Brown Eyed Girls is destined to be. Honestly, Brown Eyed Girls wasn’t originally four members back in the days. It changed very much. Actually, I joined in as the youngest, but for some reason the members changed and I eventually became the leader then Miryo joined in and after judging from the audition Narsha and GaIn joined in. It was awkward at first, but the synergy we had together was indescribable. All of us are doing our respective roles well and there’s no overlapping characters between the four of us. We also filled each others’ flaws. When the four of us got together, we’re strong, strong. I said strong not as in the external, but I think out energy is strong (when together). The staffs around us say something like this from time to time as well.

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Happy 29th birthday to my dearest, Son Gain.

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