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Brown Eyed Girls 13th Anniversary post: An introduction. (media heavy)

A post for new kpop fans or anyone who are interested.
Recommended if you enjoy R&B, unapologetic women and strong vocals.
Get your headphones ready to appreciate music better.

(click this image for a short intro so you know what to expect from this post- BEG IS COMING!)

Brown Eyed Girls are a four member group that debuted on March 2nd, 2006 with the song Come Closer. When they debuted, they did so as a vocal group, entering the idol industry only a year later. Their discography is arguably one of the best in kpop. Currently the only girl group who had no changes in members and have been together for this long.
Awesome title songs.Collapse )Best Chill B-sidesCollapse )BOPS to blast on your speakersCollapse )
Any other fans in this comm, post your fave songs in the comments to educate the peasants!
also sorry if the post is awkard, I know nothing about formatting.
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